Does deep TMS work for anxious depression?

Does deep TMS work for anxious depression?

TMS is most well known for treating depression and OCD, but did you know it can treat anxiety as well? Around 60% of those who suffer from major depressive disorder also suffer from an anxiety disorder. Symptoms of anxiety include regular feelings of nervousness, restlessness, and tension as well as having a sense of impending danger and panic. The combination of anxiety and depression is referred to as anxious depression, and it can be a challenging condition to treat.

Change in anxiety overtime

For traditional TMS that uses a ‘figure-of-8’ coil to deliver stimulation, previously reported studies have shown that high levels of anxiety have a negative impact on treatment outcomes using traditional TMS. However, here at Houston Mind and Brain, we use deep TMS, a newer version of TMS that is able to deliver stimulation deeper into the brain structures associated with depression and anxiety. A recent 2022 study found that unlike traditional TMS, in those undergoing deep TMS treatment for depression, high baseline anxiety was found to be a positive predictor for successful treatment. In addition, when compared to placebo stimulation, deep TMS produced significantly lower anxiety and depression severity over the course of the entire 16 week study.

Treatment outcomes for anxiety and depression

If you are suffering from anxiety and/or depression, deep TMS may be able to help even if other medication has not helped. Call our clinic at (832) 699-7922 to learn more. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions or schedule you for a consultation!

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