Any treatment we provide, medication management, Spravato, or TMS, all starts with a psychiatric consultation from Dr. Cho or one of our qualified Nurse Practitioners at Houston Mind and Brain.

Psychiatric Consultations

This mental health consultation gives the provider a greater understanding of your own personal mental health. Every person is different. They are different from their childhood experiences, home environments, work life, family, support systems, social life, and countless other factors that can impact a person’s mental health. 

Reasons to take Psychiatric Consultations

Psychiatric consultations give the providers an idea of what each person’s “big picture” is for their mental health.

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Child And Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Cho and nurse practitioners are able to diagnose and treat children and adolescents just as well as adults. Child and adolescent psychiatry often presents unique challenges and issues that are specific to that age group. Our providers are well-versed in child psychiatry to best help your child. We can help provide the treatment necessary in helping your child navigate whatever mental health struggles they are going through as proficient as they could for adults.

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