Thalia Pena

Thalia Pena

Clinical Medical Assistant

Thalia Pena is a Medical Assistant and TMS technician at Houston Mind and Brain.


Thalia Pena is a highly skilled medical assistant who has been an integral part of the Houston Mind and Brain team since 2021. Thalia is a compassionate healthcare professional with a strong commitment to patient care and education. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the medical field make her an invaluable asset to the Houston Mind and Brain team.

Thalia’s responsibilities at Houston Mind and Brain include patient intake, scheduling appointments, and managing patient refill requests. She ensures that patients feel welcome and comfortable during their visits and is always ready to address their concerns and questions. Her kind and friendly demeanor makes her an essential part of the clinic’s warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to her work at Houston Mind and Brain, Thalia is also committed to furthering her education in the medical field. She is currently pursuing a degree in nursing, where she will further her passion for patient care and continue her professional development.

Thalia’s dedication to patient care and education has made her a vital member of the Houston Mind and Brain team. Her positive attitude and passion for the field inspire her colleagues and provide patients with the best possible care.

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