“Suffering from depression is undoubtedly not a pleasant experience and if had a magic wand, of course, I would choose to never experience it, but this is real life and here we are. For the longest time, I would write off the way I felt as just having some bad days, bad luck, or whatever I could come up with. When I finally realized depression can strike anybody, no matter how many zeroes are in a bank account or how famous one is, I became completely honest with myself that my excuses were just that, excuses to cover up reality. I knew I needed to make changes and began to surround myself with every support option/person I could. While medications and supportive people made options until I came across TMS. At first, I had skepticism, but as I kept reading more about it I realized it is not just a gimmick, so I decided to pursue the option. While TMS in general seemed very effective from the many studies done about it, I learned there was the option of deep TMS over regular TMS, which has even better case study results. I then researched locations that offer deep TMS and initially chose the Solace Center Sienna because they have the BrainsWay instead of the NeuroStar, but also because of proximity. I set up my initial consultation and was not totally sure what to expect other than I would be meeting with Dr. Cho. Once I arrived and before I met with Dr. Cho, all of the staff were very friendly and helpful. When I began the initial consult with Dr. Cho,  I quickly became aware he was not only friendly but very, and I mean very knowledgeable about what he does. It did not take long at all for me to make the determination that if Dr. Cho approved me for the dTMS treatments, I would choose, the treatments with him as my provider, without a doubt. Once approved and the treatments began, I came into contact with even more staff at the location and everybody has been awesome. Oh, but aside from awesome staff, TMS actually does work. I can definitely tell I feel more lively and upbeat. People I interact with even comment on the fact that I joke around more and care more about certain things that I did not care much about before. the treatments do not hurt and after a few of them, I began to really look forward to the comfy chair and the relaxing atmosphere. The bottom line is this, if you are considering TMS, do it, but do it with Dr. Cho! Like I mentioned before, I initially chose the location because they have the BrainsWay machine and because of the closer location, but knowing what I know now, I would choose this location even if the drive was further away than desired because being around a staff that is not only friendly and knowledgeable but actually truly care about your well-being is definitely worth a drive.”

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