Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ)

    1. I prefer to be alone in my corner?

    2. . I'm better off alone, because I feel uncomfortable when anyone is near me?

    3. . I'm not interested in going out with friends or family?

    4. I don't particularly try to contact and meet friends (letters, telephone, text messaging, etc.)?

    5. People say I'm not sad or happy and that I'm not often angry

    6. There are many happy or sad things in life but I don't feel concerned by them

    7. Watching a sad or happy film, reading or listening to a sad or happy story does not especially make me want to cry or laugh

    8. It is difficult for people to know how I feel

    9. I don't have as much to talk about as most people

    10. I find it 10 times harder to talk than most people do

    11. People often say that I don't talk much

    12. With friends and family, I want to talk about things but it doesn't come out

    13. I find it difficult to meet the objectives I set myself

    14. It's hard to stick to doing things on an everyday regular basis

    15. There are many things I don't do through lack of motivation or because I don't feel like it

    16. I know there are things I must do (get up or wash myself for example) but I have no energy

    17. I don't take any great pleasure in talking to people

    18. I find it hard to take pleasure even when doing things I have chosen to do

    19. When I imagine doing one thing or another, I don't feel any particular pleasure in the idea

    20. I am not interested in having sex

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