About Daniela Huerta Lira

About Daniela Huerta Lira


Daniela Huerta Lira is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate supervised by Shelly Evans, LPC-S.


Hello! My name is Daniela Huerta Lira and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate supervised by Shelly Evans, LPC-S. I am close to finishing my hours to become a fully licensed LPC. My goal in therapy is to help you navigate life’s storms with you as the captain and I as the vessel to take you where you feel like you need to be. My current experience is from working with adolescents, families and adults in both communities and inpatient settings. If you feel like you are struggling with life’s challenges such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or family issues, please give us a call as I would love to meet you and for you to see if I am a fit for you!

– Patient Population: Daniela treats a broad range of patients from adolescents to geriatrics.
– Modalities: CBT, Trauma-informed, Systems Therapy, Person-centered and Psychodynamic

Awards And Honours

98% of TMS patients would recommend treatment to others.

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